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    Security Guard Mobile App for guards is available on
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    Your entire security team including clients can
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Security Guard App Features

Optimize Security Operation With Easy-To-Use Security Guard Mobile App


Custom Reports

Create custom reports for your security teams with specific reporting requirements.


GPS Tracking

Track your entire security guard team logged into the mobile patrol app from a site to get a clear view.


In-App Messaging

Security Guard App makes it easier to stay connected with your security team in real-time.


Post Orders

Reduce guard liability by giving clear instructions to them concerning specific client post-sites.


Pass-Down Logs

Effectively allow guards to share vital information with other guards using pass-down entries.


Time Clock

Eliminate the need to carry multiple devices by guards to a post site only to report their time accurately.


Advantages Of Using Security Guard App

  • effortless-to-use

    Easy To Use

    A feature-rich app with a simple interface to help you run security operations effortlessly.

  • work-as-a-team

    Enables Teamwork

    Easily create post-sites for clients and guards and build your team right away.

  • share-information

    Information Sharing

    Security Guard App makes it easy to share guard tour reports on the go, helping you stay in the loop.

Run Security Operation Seamlessly

Equip Your Security Guard Team With Security Guard App For Better Efficiency


Live Updates

Receive live notifications of the
ongoing security operation on your
mobile patrol app.


In-App Check-in/out

Checking in/out of the post site becomes easy for security guards with the smart security guard mobile app.


Check Reports On The Go

View and approve multiple reports from the web and mobile app submitted by the security guards


Tracking History

View the tracking history of your security guards and learn their on-site movement for the entire day.


Site Tours Conducted


Hourly Reports


Incidents Reported


Pass-Downs Generated

See What The Clients Say About Security Guard App

Security Guards And Clients Highly Appreciate Security Guard App Features

Absolutely love this software! Easy to set up and even easier to use.

David Callen | Security Guard

Security Guard App is an excellent platform for both security guards and clients seeking a cost-effective solution.

Liam Wyatt | Client

Security Guard App has helped us, a team of security guards scale our services in the most efficient way while keeping us accountable towards our work.

Christian Young | Security Guard

The Security Guard App is a fantastic app for those seeking a lite version of a guard tour system and paperless reporting application.

Ayden White | Client


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